Why Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery is so Popular

Year after year, Rhinoplasty nose surgery still seems to be the top requested plastic surgery procedure. Nose surgery is one of the oldest procedures in the world of facial plastic surgery. The most common complaint from many people is that they don’t like their nose, it doesn’t match their face, and it is too big. A nose is the most noticed and recognizable facial feature we have and with it being centrally located on the face it will impact all the features that surround it. Compared to our noses our other features lay flat. Now a day’s people are looking for a smaller, straighter, attractive, and a more balanced looking nose. Being dissatisfied with your nose shape or appearance for a lot of people can lower confidence levels.

The History of the Nose Job  

Rhinoplasty dates back to the 6th century B.C. The earliest recorded schnoz surgery happened in ancient India. It was developed by Ayurvedic physician Sushruta. The Indian physician outlined the new rebuilding method for a nose which was called the forehead flap. Any patient who may have lost their nose as a criminal punishment then the surgical procedure was performed. It wasn’t till the 16th century a suphilis outbreak hit Europe that left people with a disfigured and rotting nose.

Reconstructive rhinoplasty was then performed in a way of disguising the symptoms and counteracting the disease.

New surgery for reconstructive rhinoplasty was introduced by Gaspare Tagliacozzi an Italian surgeon which was the use of the skin of the upper arm of the patient. This required the patient to strap their nose to their upper arm for 2 weeks. This surgery technique had a lot of downturns as in the colder climate which may have seen the nose fall off or turn purple. This method was not used anymore in turn.

In the late 19th century, aesthetic rhinoplasty came into effect. This method was there to fix noses that were intact instead of replacing them. In 1887, as a patient, if you suffered from stress and emotions from having a pug nose, John Orlando Roe an American otolaryngologist documented the 1st modern rhinoplasty. This technique saw him perform the cosmetic rhinoplasty nose surgery in the inside of the patient’s nose, to eliminate scarring externally and to also ensure his work was done in secret. In Berlin, a German Jewish surgeon called Jacques Joseph performed a similar nose technique.

Many years following, to enhance, improve, and augment facial appearance gave way for many aesthetic services which included paraffin injections from doctors in the beauty industry which would help enhance and fix the nose appearance.

In today’s world, this type of surgery is becoming increasingly popular and getting more common. A nose job is a surgical procedure that can change the shape, function, and appearance of the nose. Depending on a patient’s desired results or circumstances, the rhinoplasty surgery can be performed either open and closed. Open surgery means an incision is made which is small on the underside of the nose which can cause scarring and closed surgery is making an opening on the inside of the nose.

In the US, surgery of the nose is the 3rd most popular type of surgery behind liposuction and boob jobs. Noses are the most recognizable feature on a face.

Previously rhinoplasty, often produced what looked more like nose jobs than actual noses. It is less common now as techniques for surgery have advanced. Patients nowadays want their nose more natural-looking. After surgery, it should look as if they were born with the nose.

The ideal nose is continually evolving. The future of rhinoplasty nose jobs is full of possibilities. The non-surgical nose job is becoming popular however the procedure for having a nose job performed through surgery still continues to improve and become popular for people who want to go under the knife. Surgical rhinoplasty will always be in demand whether that be for appearance issues, unbalanced features, breathing difficulties, and many other issues, what rhinoplasty surgery can achieve cannot be substituted with a needle or laser through non-surgical procedures.

What is Rhinoplasty?  

Rhinoplasty is also known as a nose job or nose reshaping. Rhinoplasty surgery is simply corrective or reconstructive surgery to the nose. It can change the appearance of it, improve its function and change its shape. Nose surgery can improve many different issues which include help with any breathing problems, improve the nasal function after an injury, deviated septum, and corrective surgery. When it comes to having any type of surgery it is important to have realistic expectations, always expect improvement never perfection. Nose surgery takes time to heal and to see the final results after the surgery can take time also.

Many people opt to have nose surgery for many reasons and these many reasons are why it has become so popular.

Improve Facial Symmetry 

Having a nose job can significantly change your face. A lot of your facial symmetry lies with the nose, it may be too big, too small, crooked, have a bump or a hump so this can sometimes make the face appear asymmetrical. Rhinoplasty will improve the face symmetry dramatically. Improve your facial balance with a nose job.

Improving Self Confidence 

Many people are self-conscious about the way they look, their facial appearance, and they may feel that their nose stands out. So, by having a nose job procedure it immensely increases your self-confidence, improves your self-image, and other areas of your life also. Everyone wants to present their best selves to the world.

Cosmetic Control 

If you are feeling self-conscious about the way your nose looks, you might develop poor social skills, you may also have trouble breathing all in all an unwanted nose shouldn’t be taken lightly. You can take cosmetic control over your life and change the appearance of your nose by having a rhinoplasty surgical procedure. Rhinoplasty gives people who are not pleased with their nose appearance the chance to take control and do something to change it via a surgical procedure.

Medical Benefits 

Rhinoplasty offers much more than a cosmetic procedure; it can also be performed for many medical conditions or other issues. These include corrective breathing obstructions like a deviated septum, help widen airways, and help alleviate breathing trouble. If an individual has sinus issues, trouble breathing, snores and has certain sleep issues such as sleep apnea rhinoplasty can fully restore and improve the nasal function.

Rhinoplasty for trauma and injuries 

If you have suffered an injury or damage to your nose, rhinoplasty surgery may be required to restore the nose to its original state both outside and inside. As long as people continue to have a broken nose or have sustained trauma to the nose there will always be a need for plastic surgery. It is essential to get checked out with a medical professional if you have sustained an injury to your nose as you may require surgery. Always contact a trusted facial plastic surgeon who can set your nose properly to heal without scarring and bumps and also correct any serious damage.

Correct damage from a previous nose job (revision rhinoplasty)

If you have had previous nose surgery and it wasn’t to your desired results and what you wanted, revision rhinoplasty can be done to correct the surgery and make any adjustments. It is uncommon to have a bad nose job however it is possible to not achieve what you expected. This is less likely to occur if you find the right surgeon to do the right job. A poor nose job can happen from time to time whether it was due to healing complications or surgical error so it can be reversed.