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Dr. Stein and his staff are always there for you. All my questions were answered in layman's terms that were easily understood. Dr. Stein is very down to earth. He made me feel at ease - not like some doctors, where you feel that you are just another patient taking up their valuable time!

His staff is always available - before and after the operation. They can be reached at any time. I think that this makes the patient more comfortable, knowing that someone is a phone call away. A call that is returned promptly, day or night.

My recovery from all my surgeries has been fairly painless. I felt discomfort more than pain. I am very happy with the results. I would not have returned for more surgery if I were not happy! My face has no visible scars. My skin looks youthful from the laser procedure. I have had no complications, and I feel great!

People constantly ask me who my doctor is, when they learn that I've had cosmetic surgery. My husband has had lipo and a necklift. My girlfriend has had Dr. Stein perform lipo. Both are pleased with the results. I have absolute and full confidence in Dr. Stein and his capable staff. I would recommend him to anyone seeking cosmetic plastic surgery.





Dr. Stein has performed the following procedures on Barbara:

  • - Upper eye lid lift
  • - Browlift
  • - Mini-face lift
  • - Full face laser resurfacing
  • - Front leg lift
  • - Torsoplasty
  • - Microdermabrasion