Meet Dr. Stein

Delivering high-end results,
and treating you like an individual

"While there are standard techniques and procedures within the field of cosmetic surgery, no two cases are alike. Even if two cases seem highly similar, the truth is that they are not. Every case is different ... physically, mentally and emotionally. Your needs and concerns are as valid as they are unique. That is why every bit of knowledge, training and experience that I have goes into every procedure I perform. The best outcomes result from the best, most complete effort."

Dr. Stein is well versed on both the latest procedural advances and on equipment which is state of the art. He is an experienced innovator. His refinement of surgical techniques such as the Smart Lipo Laser Body Scuplting, "Brazilian Butt Lift"and the "Mini Face Lift"have received international recognition.


Dr. Stein builds caring, professional relationships with his patients based on communication and sensitivity. He is compassionate and understanding, and committed to excellence.


cosmetic surgeon in GuatamalaHis humanitarian works include surgeries on children with cleft, lip and palate and other deformities, and he has received humanitarian awards from Hearts In Motion for medical missions to Guatemala and Colombia.


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Practicing plastic surgery in Chicago since 1987, Dr. Stein's surgical talents have enhanced the appearance of thousands of patients. He holds Board certifications in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat) plastic surgery.


Dr. Stein continues to be in the forefront of cutting edge techniques and procedures with ongoing training in plastic surgery together with the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Click here to read Dr. Stein's curriculum vitae and learn more about his qualifications.


Dr. Stein performs a broad range of procedures every day, including:

- breast augmentation

- breast reduction

- body lifts

- chin contouring

- endoscopic surgery

- eyelid surgery

- ear surgery

- laser resurfacing

- liposuction

- nasal surgery

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